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Networking and communications are critical for organizations to meet the challenge of competing in the global marketplace.

Employees need to connect to the network wherever they are and from any device.

I just went through hell, breaking my arm falling over my crutches that I was using for my hip that had to be replaced.

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Your setup may differ, but the process should be similar.

If you find any other solutions please post them in the comments below.

When you try to log onto a wireless network, you may see this error message: “Windows was unable to find a certificate to log you onto the network xxxx”. Step 2 Double-click Network Connections in the new window.

Step 7 Select the Association tab and uncheck the “The key is provided for me automatically” box, then select Network Authentication & Data encryption and type in the Network key according to the wireless settings on your router.

I recently ran into a problem with a wireless network card getting stuck while acquiring a network address.

I would get constant messages like “Acquiring Network Address” or “Renewing Your IP Address”.

But it would seem to get continually search for, but never acquire a network address or renew the IP address.

I did all the basic stuff like updating the wireless card driver, unplugging and plugging stuff back in, right clicking and selecting Repair in Windows XP and click Diagnose and Repair in Vista.