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Inserting updating and deleting data with the objectdatasource

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The Access Data Source and Sql Data Source controls, behind the scenes, use the standard ADO. That is, they connect to the database using a event handler.

The full code for these demos is available in the download at the end of this article.

In my previous article, I described how to use a Grid View control to display data using a Sql Data Source control.

In this article, I will show you how to use an ASP.

The first method Get Categories will fetch all the Categories from the Database.Once the component is ready we can configure Object Data Source control to use Categories DAL component and its methods for Selecting and Inserting categories.In previous tutorials we learned how the Object Data Source control allowed for inserting, updating, and deleting of data. NET 2.0 introduced a number of new Web controls designed for accessing and modifying data. NET 2.0's data source controls make it possible to retrieve, insert, update, and delete data without having to write the tedious dedata access code that was so commonplace in ASP. Previous installments of this article series have looked at returning, inserting, and deleting data using the Sql Data Source control. These controls can work in unison with the data source controls to facilitate inserting, updating, and deleting data.These controls allow page developers to declaratively access and modify data without writing any code to perform the data access. In this article we will examine basics of using the Sql Data Source and Grid View controls to update records from a database.This method executes SQL SELECT statement and returns a Data Table object.