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Gong Yoo hiện đang trải qua thời gian khó khăn vì những tin đồn.

Good luck and I hope to see more butt-kicking action movies from you. I'm soo glad you came back oppa T_T I really missed you. Please do romantic comedy again before you getting older.. and make sure be happy ending As much as I loved GY in Coffee Prince, I'm kind of glad he's moved on.Jika dalam drama diceritakan demikian, apakah dalam kehidupan nyata Gong Yoo juga telah berencana untuk segera menikah?Gong Yoo mengakui bahwa menikah dan menjadi seorang ayah adalah hal yang sudah lama ia pikirkan dan rencanakan.Gong Yoo's agency told OSEN, "Gong Yoo has more teenage fans now.His previous romantic comedies were watched by those in their 20~30s and the movie "The Crucible" was watched by many in their 40~50s but these days, teenagers seems to be attracted to him".This happy-go-lucky and youthful image as well as the toughness and cuteness is appealing to teenagers.