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Question: If Windows XP support has stopped, why am I still getting updates?I thought Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP?!

There are several ways you can update these lists, but the safest way that seems to work properly every time, is to use the ‘Update Table’ buttons on the References tab in Word.To date, I've declined any such 'kind' invitations to do so.I hope this helps you decide what's going on with your computer when you do get XP "updates" from Microsoft.When finished, all your cross-references should now reflect the new numbering sequences.NOTE: Sometimes you have to repeat these steps and update a second time to get them to all update correctly.In this example, the TOC entries are all in red and there’s a change bar to the right of the TOC. To fix it, turn off Track Changes (Review tab), then update the TOC again (see below for how). Super easy with an immediate reduction in stress related to things going wrong with your document just before your deadline ;-) The second issue relates to why the new tables/figures, sections etc.